Career As An Environmental Health Specialist


The environmental health specialists work to reach the quality standards for a variety of elements of their environment, thereby ensuring that the health security for the community. Few of the duties and responsibilities shouldered by these professionals are:

  • Enforcement of cleanliness and environmental regulations created by local, state and national governments.
  • Collection and analysis of samples of water, food, air, soil and other items that could affect the health.
  • Conducting inspections at schools, restaurants and other similar areas to ensure that the environmental regulations are being followed.
  • Coordination with caregivers to consult on various issues related to environmental health and so forth.

If you want to take up this field as a profession, here is a summary containing helpful information about it.

Who Employ Health Specialists?

The health experts have the bright opportunities to work with the health departments in the local, national and state levels. Hospitals and health agencies are other possible employers for all these professionals. Wildlife parks and sanctuaries also employ these pros to ensure environmental health for wildlife.

Pursuing the Degree

A bachelor’s degree in environmental can help an individual to pursue their career as an environmental health specialist. Additionally, the bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering or biological and chemical sciences may also help in this direction. To have advanced career opportunities in the area, you can consider having a master’s or doctorate degree in the field.

Salary and Growth Outlook

The salary of an environmental health professional can vary between $35,000 and $60,000 each year. In accordance with the records, the job opportunities for these specialists increased by 21 percent between 1993 and 2005. Also, there’s an expected gain in the jobs for all these professionals by 12% until the year 2010.

As evident, the environmental health professional is a field job, so lots of physical strength must maintain work efficiency.

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